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Finland has the happiest forests in Europe

Finland is the most wooded country in Europe and one of the world's most wooded countries. The total area of Finland´s forest is 26,3 million ha, which is 73 % of Finland's surface area. Finland has the most forest per inhabitant of the Nordic countries at 4,6 ha – so we Finns indeed are a forest nation! 

The private sector owns more than half of the forest areas, the state 35% and the forest industry 8%. The remaining 5% is split between municipalities, parishes, forest collectives and other organisations.

We Finns have always appreciated our forest and we have always taken care of our forests well. European studies have revealed that the Finnish forests are in a good state, no matter what the criteria. Finland has 3,2 million ha of forest that is protected and in restricted forestry use, i.e. 14,5% of the entire area of forests. 

The volume of wood in Finnish forests is increasing every year. For a long time, the annual growth of standing wood has outstripped the amount that has been felled. Ecologically thinking it would be possible to increase the use of wood significantly. Timber is our most important natural resource, and it is also a renewable one.

Source of information: Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2014,

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