Customer is the best expert when it comes to the quality of sawn timber needed. Our job is to fill our customers' expectations and to provide them with first-class material for their projects.

Our production range is wide, widths are from 75 mm up to 250 mm. Standard timber grades from US to 6th. Our biggest strength however is customer tailored qualities.

Our efficient and adjustable production line also makes it possible for us to produce a remarkably wide range of different products. Our capacity is sizeable enough for the needs of big business partners, and at the same time we are a sufficiently small company to have the possibility to listen to our customers' wishes and to make carefully tailored special products upon request.

We have plenty of modern kilning capacity. Straightness of down kilned timber is what we are well known of. We use pneumatic pressures and weights in kilning process, we have 15 kilning chambers and 3 progressive channels. During kilning process, the kilning schemes, are gentle and long enough in order to keep the quality first class and to avoid damages such as twisted or cracks. More than two thirds of the production is kilned to specified moisture content according to customers´ requests. Kilning quality of each item is controlled carefully and we are continually improving the production.

We only use Finnish wood. Isojoen Saha is proud to have the "Chain of Custody" certificate, and our sawn timber is eligible for the "PEFC" brand.

Sawn timber grades

Wood species

Spruce and Pine

Grades U/S sound knotted, U/S, SF, V, VI
Halverna and schaal
Customer tailored grades
Special cuts 1/2/3/4/5 ex log cut or through cut
Moisture Shipping dry 18-20%
Planning dry 16-18%
Gluing dry KD14+/-2%
Speacial dry for carpenters 10-12% and 8-10%
Length 1,8 – 6,0 falling lengths in 30 or 10 cm
Customized cut-to-length +/- 2 mm
Packaging Length packaged or truck packaged
Protection 5 or 1 side protection, unprotected, nylon wheels

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Our structural timber permitted CE-Mark

Since July 2013, CE Marking has been a mandatory conformity marking for most construction products sold in Europe. Construction products refer to products (concrete elements, windows, steel structures and timber) intended to become a fixed part of a building. With CE Marking a manufacturer ensures that the properties of a construction product are in line with European Harmonised Standard (hEN) or European Technical Approval (ETA). 

The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable CE directives. The CE mark is a good way to tell that the marked product has met the EU’s requirements regarding consumer safety, health or environment.  

DoP (The Declaration of Performance) is a requirement for obtaining a CE Marking for a product. The Declaration of Performance must list all values regarding product properties that are required to meet the official regulations.

Certificate of Conformity of the factory production control

Check out

Declaration of Performance > Panel and claddings 

Declaration of Performance > Visually graded structural timber


Duo and trio beams, staircase blanks and window frame blanks

Load-bearing structure, used sawn timber: customer dimensions for example 46 x 110 - 88 x 250 sawn spruce, 2 ex log or center-free, KD 12%.

Staircase blanks, material: ready-made or glued 25/32/38 spruce/pine, KD 14%.

Window frame blanks, material: pine U/S I-III or finger-jointed knotless blanks, KD 10%.


Exterior panels, glued beams and posts and primary structures

Exterior panels, material example: 44/50/63 x 150/200 sawn spruce, tailored dimensions, KD 12-14% or KD 16-18%.

Primary structures: tailored dimensions for example 38 x 150 – 63 x 200 sawn spruce, 2 ex log or center-free, KD 12%.


Interior lining boards
Interior lining boards, material: for example 32/38 x 125/150 healhty-knotted spruce or pine, KD 12-13% or 14-16%.

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Shipping standards

laivausmerkki US sound knotted
laivausmerkki US / grade A
laivausmerkki SF / grade AB
laivausmerkki 5ths / grade  B
laivausmerkki 6ths / grade C
 Halvrena / export schaal

Visually strength graded structural timber


Export sales

Timo Seilo
Tel.: + 358 50 0233 333

Esa Hakamäki
Managing Director 
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